Edificio Mirasol
Location: Palma de Mallorca
Surface: 6.231 m2
Date project: 1985
Completion date: 1989
Architects: RAMBLA 9 Arquitectura
Contributors: En colaboración con Juan Manuel Berga Picó, Pedro Bonet Nadal


In our fledgling studio "Rambla 9", Juan Manuel Berga brought these possible request. Immediately the three of us rushed on the preliminary draft, which flats, business premises and parking spaces have been assigned to potential users, with whom we had arranged the "Cooperativa Mirasol" (Cooperative Mirasol), who had hired us and for which we have elaborated the project.

We were very concerned about the image that the building should have, it was the first that we projected and the first of the place. The chamfer oriented towards the south looked at the city, to which it belonged from afar, that would come. The Palma that we liked was the one with simple mares with vertical holes and dark carpentry, with large entrances and open porches that led into beautiful patios, completed with large rainhoods on the verandas. That is how Mirasol should be to suit its city and its time. It was like that, how we projected this building.

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