Ca na Catalina
Location: Paseo Marítimo, Palma
Date project: 2014
Completion date: 2015
Architects: RAMBLA 9 Arquitectura
Contributors: carpintería: Muebles Payeras, Vidres Fullana, instalaciones: INSTAL 3.0, iluminación: Auramaker
Builder: Construcciones Jalao

Just after the acquisition of the apartment, to accommodate with the partner and children during the sporadic visits in Palma, they have entrusted us with the reform.

Without reducing the program, we planned a process that is directed to order and clean, and to unitarily qualify the limited disponible space as an unique and unrepeatable place, fluent, polyvalent and friendly.

After the general approach had been accepted, we proposed them the slightest materials and forms: natural oak wood, white textures, matt steel and hidden lighting, with whom we developed the inner landscape, so connected to the Maritimo.

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