Casa Apolonia y Tomeu
Location: Felanitx, Mallorca
Architects: RAMBLA 9 Arquitectura


This couple, with two grown-up daughters, entrusted us with their second property on its wooded grounds, with distant views of the sea, in an undeveloped area, near a gravel pit, whose noise and views should be avoided.

After the initial needs and desires were clarified, we found the perfect place, a clearing in a pine forest, right at the roundabout access and high enough to optimize the views, the sea breeze and sunlight, but with the disadvantages of the gravel pit.

Because of these disadvantages, masonry walls emerged to hide the undesired and to define the building to the forest.

The three family rooms make up three emerging spaces with tile shed roof and south-facing views. These volumes, which are placed seemingly at random, form emptiness between them, through which the exterior penetrates, solving access and circulation.

On the ground floor, where the three emerging spaces are treated free and independent, include a guest bedroom, the garage and the living room. At the same floor, the kitchen, the dining room and the pantry extend to the roundabout access. The volume of  the garage defines the main entrance, and protects the garden and pool area.

Unconnected masonry walls, serving as screens in the forest, guide to the entrance and define the location, friendly to the ancient pines and bushes. The real garden.