Na Cabrona
Location: Capdepera, Mallorca
Architects: RAMBLA 9 Arquitectura
Contributors: José García-Ruiz Verd

This ancient Agrofinca, due to its location, is very adapted to their "Molí" (windmill) and is part of the antique Capdepera, where the grain of the surrounding area has been grinded into flour, based on the Mediterranean diet, which every family baked in their "Forn" (woodstove).

We propose the rehabilitation of this legacy from its respect, taking it as a reference and projecting it into the future, equipping it with more efficient installations and luxuries of the XXI century, which are nothing more than to be able to inhabit this space temporarily from the holistic sensitivity, immersed in a humanized nature, between the sky and the sea near to the village, to admire its castle, its mountains ... from the particulate Arcadia.

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